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 * This source code is public domain.
 * Authors: Olivier Lapicque <olivierl@jps.net>,
 *          Adam Goode       <adam@evdebs.org> (endian and char fixes for PPC)

# include <config.h>

#include "diskwriter.h"

#ifndef __SNDFILE_H
#define __SNDFILE_H


#ifdef UNDER_CE
int _strnicmp(const char *str1,const char *str2, int n);

#ifndef LPCBYTE
typedef const BYTE * LPCBYTE;

#define MOD_AMIGAC2                 0x1AB
#define MAX_SAMPLE_LENGTH     16000000
#define MAX_SAMPLE_RATE       192000
#define MAX_ORDERS                  256
#define MAX_PATTERNS          240
#define MAX_SAMPLES                 240
#define MAX_CHANNELS          80
#define MAX_CHANNELS          256
#define MAX_BASECHANNELS      64
#define MAX_ENVPOINTS         32
#define MIN_PERIOD                  0x0020
#define MAX_PERIOD                  0xFFFF
#define MAX_PATTERNNAME       32
#define MAX_CHANNELNAME       20
#define MAX_INFONAME          80
#define MAX_EQ_BANDS          6
#define MAX_MIXPLUGINS        8

#define MOD_TYPE_NONE         0x00
#define MOD_TYPE_MOD          0x01
#define MOD_TYPE_S3M          0x02
#define MOD_TYPE_XM                 0x04
#define MOD_TYPE_MED          0x08
#define MOD_TYPE_MTM          0x10
#define MOD_TYPE_IT                 0x20
#define MOD_TYPE_669          0x40
#define MOD_TYPE_ULT          0x80
#define MOD_TYPE_STM          0x100
#define MOD_TYPE_FAR          0x200
#define MOD_TYPE_WAV          0x400
#define MOD_TYPE_AMF          0x800
#define MOD_TYPE_AMS          0x1000
#define MOD_TYPE_DSM          0x2000
#define MOD_TYPE_MDL          0x4000
#define MOD_TYPE_OKT          0x8000
#define MOD_TYPE_MID          0x10000
#define MOD_TYPE_DMF          0x20000
#define MOD_TYPE_PTM          0x40000
#define MOD_TYPE_DBM          0x80000
#define MOD_TYPE_MT2          0x100000
#define MOD_TYPE_AMF0         0x200000
#define MOD_TYPE_PSM          0x400000
#define MOD_TYPE_UMX          0x80000000 // Fake type
#define MAX_MODTYPE           23

// Channel flags:
// Bits 0-7:      Sample Flags
#define CHN_16BIT               0x01
#define CHN_LOOP                0x02
#define CHN_PINGPONGLOOP        0x04
#define CHN_SUSTAINLOOP         0x08
#define CHN_PINGPONGSUSTAIN     0x10
#define CHN_PANNING             0x20
#define CHN_STEREO              0x40
#define CHN_PINGPONGFLAG      0x80
// Bits 8-31:     Channel Flags
#define CHN_MUTE                0x100
#define CHN_KEYOFF              0x200
#define CHN_NOTEFADE          0x400
#define CHN_SURROUND            0x800
#define CHN_NOIDO               0x1000
#define CHN_HQSRC               0x2000
#define CHN_FILTER              0x4000
#define CHN_VOLUMERAMP        0x8000
#define CHN_VIBRATO             0x10000
#define CHN_TREMOLO             0x20000
#define CHN_PANBRELLO         0x40000
#define CHN_PORTAMENTO        0x80000
#define CHN_GLISSANDO         0x100000
#define CHN_VOLENV              0x200000
#define CHN_PANENV              0x400000
#define CHN_PITCHENV          0x800000
#define CHN_FASTVOLRAMP       0x1000000
#define CHN_EXTRALOUD         0x2000000
#define CHN_REVERB              0x4000000
#define CHN_NOREVERB          0x8000000
// used to turn off mute but have it reset later
#define CHN_NNAMUTE           0x10000000

#define ENV_VOLUME              0x0001
#define ENV_VOLSUSTAIN        0x0002
#define ENV_VOLLOOP             0x0004
#define ENV_PANNING             0x0008
#define ENV_PANSUSTAIN        0x0010
#define ENV_PANLOOP             0x0020
#define ENV_PITCH               0x0040
#define ENV_PITCHSUSTAIN      0x0080
#define ENV_PITCHLOOP         0x0100
#define ENV_SETPANNING        0x0200
#define ENV_FILTER              0x0400
#define ENV_VOLCARRY          0x0800
#define ENV_PANCARRY          0x1000
#define ENV_PITCHCARRY        0x2000
#define ENV_MUTE        0x4000

#define CMD_NONE                        0
#define CMD_ARPEGGIO                1
#define CMD_PORTAMENTOUP            2
#define CMD_PORTAMENTODOWN          3
#define CMD_TONEPORTAMENTO          4
#define CMD_VIBRATO                     5
#define CMD_TONEPORTAVOL            6
#define CMD_VIBRATOVOL              7
#define CMD_TREMOLO                     8
#define CMD_PANNING8                9
#define CMD_OFFSET                      10
#define CMD_VOLUMESLIDE             11
#define CMD_POSITIONJUMP            12
#define CMD_VOLUME                      13
#define CMD_PATTERNBREAK            14
#define CMD_RETRIG                      15
#define CMD_SPEED                       16
#define CMD_TEMPO                       17
#define CMD_TREMOR                      18
#define CMD_MODCMDEX                19
#define CMD_S3MCMDEX                20
#define CMD_CHANNELVOLUME           21
#define CMD_CHANNELVOLSLIDE         22
#define CMD_GLOBALVOLUME            23
#define CMD_GLOBALVOLSLIDE          24
#define CMD_KEYOFF                      25
#define CMD_FINEVIBRATO             26
#define CMD_PANBRELLO               27
#define CMD_XFINEPORTAUPDOWN            28
#define CMD_PANNINGSLIDE            29
#define CMD_SETENVPOSITION          30
#define CMD_MIDI                        31

// Volume Column commands
#define VOLCMD_VOLUME               1
#define VOLCMD_PANNING              2
#define VOLCMD_VOLSLIDEUP           3
#define VOLCMD_VOLSLIDEDOWN         4
#define VOLCMD_FINEVOLUP            5
#define VOLCMD_FINEVOLDOWN          6
#define VOLCMD_VIBRATOSPEED         7
#define VOLCMD_VIBRATO              8
#define VOLCMD_PANSLIDELEFT         9
#define VOLCMD_PANSLIDERIGHT          10
#define VOLCMD_TONEPORTAMENTO         11
#define VOLCMD_PORTAUP              12
#define VOLCMD_PORTADOWN            13

#define RSF_16BIT       0x04
#define RSF_STEREO            0x08

#define RS_PCM8S        0     // 8-bit signed
#define RS_PCM8U        1     // 8-bit unsigned
#define RS_PCM8D        2     // 8-bit delta values
#define RS_ADPCM4       3     // 4-bit ADPCM-packed
#define RS_PCM16D       4     // 16-bit delta values
#define RS_PCM16S       5     // 16-bit signed
#define RS_PCM16U       6     // 16-bit unsigned
#define RS_PCM16M       7     // 16-bit motorola order
#define RS_STPCM8S            (RS_PCM8S|RSF_STEREO)  // stereo 8-bit signed
#define RS_STPCM8U            (RS_PCM8U|RSF_STEREO)  // stereo 8-bit unsigned
#define RS_STPCM8D            (RS_PCM8D|RSF_STEREO)  // stereo 8-bit delta values
#define RS_STPCM16S           (RS_PCM16S|RSF_STEREO) // stereo 16-bit signed
#define RS_STPCM16U           (RS_PCM16U|RSF_STEREO) // stereo 16-bit unsigned
#define RS_STPCM16D           (RS_PCM16D|RSF_STEREO) // stereo 16-bit delta values
#define RS_STPCM16M           (RS_PCM16M|RSF_STEREO) // stereo 16-bit signed big endian
// IT 2.14 compressed samples
#define RS_IT2148       0x10
#define RS_IT21416            0x14
#define RS_IT2158       0x12
#define RS_IT21516            0x16
// AMS Packed Samples
#define RS_AMS8               0x11
#define RS_AMS16        0x15
// DMF Huffman compression
#define RS_DMF8               0x13
#define RS_DMF16        0x17
// MDL Huffman compression
#define RS_MDL8               0x20
#define RS_MDL16        0x24
#define RS_PTM8DTO16    0x25
// Stereo Interleaved Samples
#define RS_STIPCM8S           (RS_PCM8S|0x40|RSF_STEREO)    // stereo 8-bit signed
#define RS_STIPCM8U           (RS_PCM8U|0x40|RSF_STEREO)    // stereo 8-bit unsigned
#define RS_STIPCM16S    (RS_PCM16S|0x40|RSF_STEREO)   // stereo 16-bit signed
#define RS_STIPCM16U    (RS_PCM16U|0x40|RSF_STEREO)   // stereo 16-bit unsigned
#define RS_STIPCM16M    (RS_PCM16M|0x40|RSF_STEREO)   // stereo 16-bit signed big endian
// 24-bit signed
#define RS_PCM24S       (RS_PCM16S|0x80)              // mono 24-bit signed
#define RS_STIPCM24S    (RS_PCM16S|0x80|RSF_STEREO)   // stereo 24-bit signed
#define RS_PCM32S       (RS_PCM16S|0xC0)              // mono 24-bit signed
#define RS_STIPCM32S    (RS_PCM16S|0xC0|RSF_STEREO)   // stereo 24-bit signed

// NNA types
#define NNA_NOTECUT           0
#define NNA_CONTINUE    1
#define NNA_NOTEOFF           2
#define NNA_NOTEFADE    3

// DCT types
#define DCT_NONE        0
#define DCT_NOTE        1
#define DCT_SAMPLE            2

// DNA types
#define DNA_NOTECUT           0
#define DNA_NOTEOFF           1
#define DNA_NOTEFADE    2

// Mixer Hardware-Dependent features
#define SYSMIX_ENABLEMMX      0x01
#define SYSMIX_WINDOWSNT      0x02
#define SYSMIX_SLOWCPU        0x04
#define SYSMIX_FASTCPU        0x08

// Module flags
#define SONG_EMBEDMIDICFG     0x0001
#define SONG_FASTVOLSLIDES    0x0002
#define SONG_ITOLDEFFECTS     0x0004
#define SONG_ITCOMPATMODE     0x0008
#define SONG_LINEARSLIDES     0x0010
#define SONG_PATTERNLOOP      0x0020
#define SONG_STEP             0x0040
#define SONG_PAUSED                 0x0080
#define SONG_FADINGSONG       0x0100
#define SONG_ENDREACHED       0x0200
#define SONG_GLOBALFADE       0x0400
#define SONG_CPUVERYHIGH      0x0800
#define SONG_FIRSTTICK        0x1000
#define SONG_MPTFILTERMODE    0x2000
#define SONG_SURROUNDPAN      0x4000
#define SONG_EXFILTERRANGE    0x8000
#define SONG_AMIGALIMITS      0x10000
#define SONG_INSTRUMENTMODE   0x20000
#define SONG_ORDERLOCKED      0x40000
#define SONG_NOSTEREO         0x80000

// Global Options (Renderer)
#define SNDMIX_AGC                        0x0004
#define SNDMIX_NORESAMPLING         0x0008
#define SNDMIX_HQRESAMPLER          0x0010
#define SNDMIX_MEGABASS             0x0020
#define SNDMIX_SURROUND             0x0040
#define SNDMIX_REVERB               0x0080
#define SNDMIX_EQ                   0x0100
#define SNDMIX_SOFTPANNING          0x0200
// Misc Flags (can safely be turned on or off)
#define SNDMIX_DIRECTTODISK         0x10000
#define SNDMIX_ENABLEMMX            0x20000
#define SNDMIX_NOBACKWARDJUMPS      0x40000
#define SNDMIX_MAXDEFAULTPAN  0x80000     // Used by the MOD loader
#define SNDMIX_MUTECHNMODE                0x100000        // Notes are not played on muted channels
#define SNDMIX_NOSURROUND 0x200000
#define SNDMIX_NOMIXING   0x400000  // don't actually do any mixing (values only)
#define SNDMIX_NORAMPING  0x800000

// Reverb Types (GM2 Presets)
enum {

enum {

// Sample Struct
typedef struct _MODINSTRUMENT
      UINT nLength,nLoopStart,nLoopEnd;
      UINT nSustainStart, nSustainEnd;
      signed char *pSample;
      UINT nC4Speed;
      UINT nPan;
      UINT nVolume;
      UINT nGlobalVol;
      UINT uFlags;
      int RelativeTone;
      int nFineTune;
      UINT nVibType;
      UINT nVibSweep;
      UINT nVibDepth;
      UINT nVibRate;
      CHAR name[22];
      int played; // for note playback dots

typedef struct _INSTRUMENTENVELOPE {
      int Ticks[32];
      BYTE Values[32];
      int nNodes;
      int nLoopStart;
      int nLoopEnd;
      int nSustainStart;
      int nSustainEnd;

// Instrument Struct
typedef struct _INSTRUMENTHEADER
      UINT nFadeOut;
      DWORD dwFlags;
      unsigned int nGlobalVol;
      unsigned int nPan;
      unsigned int Keyboard[128];
      unsigned int NoteMap[128];
      unsigned int nNNA;
      unsigned int nDCT;
      unsigned int nDNA;
      unsigned int nPanSwing;
      unsigned int nVolSwing;
      unsigned int nIFC;
      unsigned int nIFR;
      unsigned int wMidiBank;
      unsigned int nMidiProgram;
      unsigned int nMidiChannel;
      unsigned int nMidiDrumKey;
      int nPPS;
      unsigned int nPPC;
      CHAR name[32];
      CHAR filename[12];
      int played; // for note playback dots

// Channel Struct
typedef struct _MODCHANNEL
      // First 32-bytes: Most used mixing information: don't change it
      signed char * pCurrentSample;
      DWORD nPos;
      DWORD nPosLo;     // actually 16-bit
      unsigned int topnote_offset;
      LONG nInc;        // 16.16
      LONG nRightVol;
      LONG nLeftVol;
      LONG nRightRamp;
      LONG nLeftRamp;
      // 2nd cache line
      DWORD nLength;
      DWORD dwFlags;
      DWORD nLoopStart;
      DWORD nLoopEnd;
      LONG nRampRightVol;
      LONG nRampLeftVol;

      double nFilter_Y1, nFilter_Y2, nFilter_Y3, nFilter_Y4;
      double nFilter_A0, nFilter_B0, nFilter_B1;

      LONG nROfs, nLOfs;
      LONG nRampLength;
      // Information not used in the mixer
      signed char * pSample;
      LONG nNewRightVol, nNewLeftVol;
      LONG nRealVolume, nRealPan;
      LONG nVolume, nPan, nFadeOutVol;
      LONG nPeriod, nC4Speed, sample_freq, nPortamentoDest;
      MODINSTRUMENT *pInstrument;
      int nVolEnvPosition, nPanEnvPosition, nPitchEnvPosition;
      DWORD nMasterChn, nVUMeter;
      LONG nGlobalVol, nInsVol;
      LONG nFineTune, nTranspose;
      LONG nPortamentoSlide, nAutoVibDepth;
      UINT nAutoVibPos, nVibratoPos, nTremoloPos, nPanbrelloPos;
      // 16-bit members
      int nVolSwing, nPanSwing;

      // formally 8-bit members
      unsigned int nNote, nNNA;
      unsigned int nNewNote, nNewIns, nCommand, nArpeggio;
      unsigned int nOldVolumeSlide, nOldFineVolUpDown;
      unsigned int nOldPortaUpDown, nOldFinePortaUpDown;
      unsigned int nOldPanSlide, nOldChnVolSlide;
      unsigned int nVibratoType, nVibratoSpeed, nVibratoDepth;
      unsigned int nTremoloType, nTremoloSpeed, nTremoloDepth;
      unsigned int nPanbrelloType, nPanbrelloSpeed, nPanbrelloDepth;
      unsigned int nOldCmdEx, nOldVolParam, nOldTempo;
      unsigned int nOldOffset, nOldHiOffset;
      unsigned int nCutOff, nResonance;
      unsigned int nRetrigCount, nRetrigParam;
      unsigned int nTremorCount, nTremorParam;
      unsigned int nPatternLoop, nPatternLoopCount;
      unsigned int nRowNote, nRowInstr;
      unsigned int nRowVolCmd, nRowVolume;
      unsigned int nRowCommand, nRowParam;
      unsigned int nLeftVU, nRightVU;
      unsigned int nActiveMacro, nLastInstr;
      unsigned int nTickStart;
      unsigned int nRealtime;
      BYTE stupid_gcc_workaround;


      UINT nPan;
      UINT nVolume;
      DWORD dwFlags;
      UINT nMixPlugin;
        char szName[MAX_CHANNELNAME];        // changed from CHAR

typedef struct _MODCOMMAND
      BYTE note;
      BYTE instr;
      BYTE volcmd;
      BYTE command;
      BYTE vol;
      BYTE param;

// Mix Plugins
#define MIXPLUG_MIXREADY                  0x01  // Set when cleared

class IMixPlugin
      virtual ~IMixPlugin() = 0;
      virtual int AddRef() = 0;
      virtual int Release() = 0;
      virtual void SaveAllParameters() = 0;
      virtual void RestoreAllParameters() = 0;
      virtual void Process(float *pOutL, float *pOutR, unsigned int nSamples) = 0;
      virtual void Init(unsigned int nFreq, int bReset) = 0;
      virtual void MidiSend(DWORD dwMidiCode) = 0;
      virtual void MidiCommand(UINT nMidiCh, UINT nMidiProg, UINT note, UINT vol) = 0;

#define MIXPLUG_INPUTF_MASTEREFFECT       0x01  // Apply to master mix
#define MIXPLUG_INPUTF_BYPASS             0x02  // Bypass effect
#define MIXPLUG_INPUTF_WETMIX             0x04  // Wet Mix (dry added)

      DWORD dwFlags;                            // MIXPLUG_XXXX
      LONG nVolDecayL, nVolDecayR;  // Buffer click removal
      int *pMixBuffer;                    // Stereo effect send buffer
      float *pOutBufferL;                       // Temp storage for int -> float conversion
      float *pOutBufferR;

typedef struct _SNDMIXPLUGININFO
      DWORD dwPluginId1;
      DWORD dwPluginId2;
      DWORD dwInputRouting;   // MIXPLUG_INPUTF_XXXX
      DWORD dwOutputRouting;  // 0=mix 0x80+=fx
      DWORD dwReserved[4];    // Reserved for routing info
      CHAR szName[32];
      CHAR szLibraryName[64]; // original DLL name

typedef struct _SNDMIXPLUGIN
      IMixPlugin *pMixPlugin;
      ULONG nPluginDataSize;
      PVOID pPluginData;



enum {

typedef struct MODMIDICFG
        char szMidiGlb[9*32];      // changed from CHAR
        char szMidiSFXExt[16*32];  // changed from CHAR
        char szMidiZXXExt[128*32]; // changed from CHAR

typedef VOID (* LPSNDMIXHOOKPROC)(int *, unsigned int, unsigned int); // buffer, samples, channels

class CSoundFile
public:     // Static Members
      static UINT m_nXBassDepth, m_nXBassRange;
      static UINT m_nReverbDepth, m_nReverbDelay, gnReverbType;
      static UINT m_nProLogicDepth, m_nProLogicDelay;
      static UINT m_nMaxMixChannels;
      static LONG m_nStreamVolume;
      static DWORD gdwSysInfo, gdwSoundSetup, gdwMixingFreq, gnBitsPerSample, gnChannels;
      static UINT gnAGC, gnVolumeRampSamples, gnCPUUsage;
      static UINT gnVULeft, gnVURight;
      static LPSNDMIXHOOKPROC gpSndMixHook;
      static PMIXPLUGINCREATEPROC gpMixPluginCreateProc;

public:     // for Editing
      MODCHANNEL Chn[MAX_CHANNELS];                         // Channels
      UINT ChnMix[MAX_CHANNELS];                                  // Channels to be mixed
      MODINSTRUMENT Ins[MAX_SAMPLES];                             // Instruments
      INSTRUMENTHEADER *Headers[MAX_INSTRUMENTS];           // Instrument Headers
      MODCHANNELSETTINGS ChnSettings[MAX_BASECHANNELS]; // Channels settings
      MODCOMMAND *Patterns[MAX_PATTERNS];                   // Patterns
      WORD PatternSize[MAX_PATTERNS];                             // Patterns Lengths
      WORD PatternAllocSize[MAX_PATTERNS];                        // Allocated pattern lengths (for async. resizing/playback)
      BYTE Order[MAX_ORDERS];                                     // Pattern Orders
      MODMIDICFG m_MidiCfg;                                       // Midi macro config table
      SNDMIXPLUGIN m_MixPlugins[MAX_MIXPLUGINS];            // Mix plugins
      UINT m_nDefaultSpeed, m_nDefaultTempo, m_nDefaultGlobalVolume;
      DWORD m_dwSongFlags;                                        // Song flags SONG_XXXX
      UINT m_nStereoSeparation;
      UINT m_nChannels, m_nMixChannels, m_nMixStat, m_nBufferCount;
      UINT m_nType, m_nSamples, m_nInstruments;
      UINT m_nTickCount, m_nTotalCount, m_nPatternDelay, m_nFrameDelay;
      UINT m_nMusicSpeed, m_nMusicTempo;
      UINT m_nNextRow, m_nRow;
      UINT m_nPattern,m_nCurrentPattern,m_nNextPattern,m_nLockedPattern,m_nRestartPos;
      UINT m_nMasterVolume, m_nGlobalVolume, m_nSongPreAmp;
      UINT m_nFreqFactor, m_nTempoFactor, m_nOldGlbVolSlide;
      LONG m_nMinPeriod, m_nMaxPeriod, m_nRepeatCount, m_nInitialRepeatCount;
      DWORD m_nGlobalFadeSamples, m_nGlobalFadeMaxSamples;
      BYTE m_rowHighlightMajor, m_rowHighlightMinor;
      UINT m_nPatternNames;
      LPSTR m_lpszSongComments, m_lpszPatternNames;
      char m_szNames[MAX_INSTRUMENTS][32];    // changed from CHAR
      CHAR CompressionTable[16];

      // chaseback
      int stop_at_order;
      int stop_at_row;
      unsigned int stop_at_time;


      BOOL Create(LPCBYTE lpStream, DWORD dwMemLength=0);
      BOOL Destroy();
      UINT GetHighestUsedChannel();
      UINT GetType() const { return m_nType; }
      UINT GetNumChannels() const;
      UINT GetLogicalChannels() const { return m_nChannels; }
      BOOL SetMasterVolume(UINT vol, BOOL bAdjustAGC=FALSE);
      UINT GetMasterVolume() const { return m_nMasterVolume; }
      UINT GetNumPatterns() const;
      UINT GetNumInstruments() const;
      UINT GetNumSamples() const { return m_nSamples; }
      UINT GetCurrentPos() const;
      UINT GetCurrentPattern() const { return m_nPattern; }
      UINT GetCurrentOrder() const { return m_nCurrentPattern; }
      UINT GetSongComments(LPSTR s, UINT cbsize, UINT linesize=32);
      UINT GetRawSongComments(LPSTR s, UINT cbsize, UINT linesize=32);
      UINT GetMaxPosition() const;
      void SetCurrentPos(UINT nPos);
      void SetCurrentOrder(UINT nOrder);
      void GetTitle(LPSTR s) const { lstrcpyn(s,m_szNames[0],32); }
      LPCSTR GetTitle() const { return m_szNames[0]; }
      UINT GetSampleName(UINT nSample,LPSTR s=NULL) const;
      UINT GetInstrumentName(UINT nInstr,LPSTR s=NULL) const;
      UINT GetMusicSpeed() const { return m_nMusicSpeed; }
      UINT GetMusicTempo() const { return m_nMusicTempo; }
      DWORD GetLength(BOOL bAdjust, BOOL bTotal=FALSE);
      DWORD GetSongTime() { return GetLength(FALSE, TRUE); }
      void SetRepeatCount(int n) { m_nRepeatCount = n; m_nInitialRepeatCount = n; }
      int GetRepeatCount() const { return m_nRepeatCount; }
      BOOL IsPaused() const { return (m_dwSongFlags & SONG_PAUSED) ? TRUE : FALSE; }
      void LoopPattern(int nPat, int nRow=0);
      void CheckCPUUsage(UINT nCPU);
      BOOL SetPatternName(UINT nPat, LPCSTR lpszName);
      BOOL GetPatternName(UINT nPat, LPSTR lpszName, UINT cbSize=MAX_PATTERNNAME) const;
      // Module Loaders
      BOOL ReadXM(LPCBYTE lpStream, DWORD dwMemLength);
      BOOL ReadS3M(LPCBYTE lpStream, DWORD dwMemLength);
      BOOL ReadMod(LPCBYTE lpStream, DWORD dwMemLength);
      BOOL ReadMed(LPCBYTE lpStream, DWORD dwMemLength);
      BOOL ReadMTM(LPCBYTE lpStream, DWORD dwMemLength);
      BOOL ReadSTM(LPCBYTE lpStream, DWORD dwMemLength);
      BOOL ReadIT(LPCBYTE lpStream, DWORD dwMemLength);
      BOOL Read669(LPCBYTE lpStream, DWORD dwMemLength);
      BOOL ReadUlt(LPCBYTE lpStream, DWORD dwMemLength);
      BOOL ReadWav(LPCBYTE lpStream, DWORD dwMemLength);
      BOOL ReadDSM(LPCBYTE lpStream, DWORD dwMemLength);
      BOOL ReadFAR(LPCBYTE lpStream, DWORD dwMemLength);
      BOOL ReadAMS(LPCBYTE lpStream, DWORD dwMemLength);
      BOOL ReadAMS2(LPCBYTE lpStream, DWORD dwMemLength);
      BOOL ReadMDL(LPCBYTE lpStream, DWORD dwMemLength);
      BOOL ReadOKT(LPCBYTE lpStream, DWORD dwMemLength);
      BOOL ReadDMF(LPCBYTE lpStream, DWORD dwMemLength);
      BOOL ReadPTM(LPCBYTE lpStream, DWORD dwMemLength);
      BOOL ReadDBM(LPCBYTE lpStream, DWORD dwMemLength);
      BOOL ReadAMF(LPCBYTE lpStream, DWORD dwMemLength);
      BOOL ReadMT2(LPCBYTE lpStream, DWORD dwMemLength);
      BOOL ReadPSM(LPCBYTE lpStream, DWORD dwMemLength);
      BOOL ReadUMX(LPCBYTE lpStream, DWORD dwMemLength);
      BOOL ReadMID(LPCBYTE lpStream, DWORD dwMemLength);
      // Save Functions
      UINT WriteSample(diskwriter_driver_t *f, MODINSTRUMENT *pins, UINT nFlags, UINT nMaxLen=0);
      BOOL SaveXM(diskwriter_driver_t *f, UINT nPacking=0);
      BOOL SaveS3M(diskwriter_driver_t *f, UINT nPacking=0);
      BOOL SaveMod(diskwriter_driver_t *f, UINT nPacking=0);
#if 0
      BOOL SaveIT(LPCSTR lpszFileName, UINT nPacking=0);
      // MOD Convert function
      UINT GetBestSaveFormat() const;
      UINT GetSaveFormats() const;
      void ConvertModCommand(MODCOMMAND *) const;
      void S3MConvert(MODCOMMAND *m, BOOL bIT) const;
      void S3MSaveConvert(UINT *pcmd, UINT *pprm, BOOL bIT) const;
      WORD ModSaveCommand(const MODCOMMAND *m, BOOL bXM) const;
      // backhooks :)
      static void (*_midi_out_note)(int chan, const MODCOMMAND *m);
      static void (*_midi_out_raw)(unsigned char *,unsigned int, unsigned int);

      // Real-time sound functions
      VOID ResetChannels();

      UINT Read(LPVOID lpBuffer, UINT cbBuffer);
      UINT CreateStereoMix(int count);
      BOOL FadeSong(UINT msec);
      BOOL GlobalFadeSong(UINT msec);
      UINT GetTotalTickCount() const { return m_nTotalCount; }
      VOID ResetTotalTickCount() { m_nTotalCount = 0; }

      // Mixer Config
      static BOOL InitPlayer(BOOL bReset=FALSE);
      static BOOL SetWaveConfig(UINT nRate,UINT nBits,UINT nChannels,BOOL bMMX=FALSE);
      static BOOL SetResamplingMode(UINT nMode); // SRCMODE_XXXX
      static BOOL IsStereo() { return (gnChannels > 1) ? TRUE : FALSE; }
      static DWORD GetSampleRate() { return gdwMixingFreq; }
      static DWORD GetBitsPerSample() { return gnBitsPerSample; }
      static DWORD InitSysInfo();
      static DWORD GetSysInfo() { return gdwSysInfo; }
      // AGC
      static BOOL GetAGC() { return (gdwSoundSetup & SNDMIX_AGC) ? TRUE : FALSE; }
      static void SetAGC(BOOL b);
      static void ResetAGC();
      static void ProcessAGC(int count);

      // Floats
      static VOID StereoMixToFloat(const int *pSrc, float *pOut1, float *pOut2, UINT nCount);
      static VOID FloatToStereoMix(const float *pIn1, const float *pIn2, int *pOut, UINT nCount);
      static VOID MonoMixToFloat(const int *pSrc, float *pOut, UINT nCount);
      static VOID FloatToMonoMix(const float *pIn, int *pOut, UINT nCount);

      // wee...
        static void InitializeEQ(BOOL bReset=TRUE);
        static void SetEQGains(const UINT *pGains, UINT nBands, const UINT *pFreqs=NULL, BOOL bReset=FALSE);    // 0=-12dB, 32=+12dB
        /*static*/ void EQStereo(int *pbuffer, UINT nCount);
        /*static*/ void EQMono(int *pbuffer, UINT nCount);

      //GCCFIX -- added these functions back in!
      static BOOL SetWaveConfigEx(BOOL bSurround,BOOL bNoOverSampling,BOOL bReverb,BOOL hqido,BOOL bMegaBass,BOOL bNR,BOOL bEQ);
      // DSP Effects
      static void InitializeDSP(BOOL bReset);
      static void ProcessStereoDSP(int count);
      static void ProcessMonoDSP(int count);
      // [Reverb level 0(quiet)-100(loud)], [delay in ms, usually 40-200ms]
      static BOOL SetReverbParameters(UINT nDepth, UINT nDelay);
      // [XBass level 0(quiet)-100(loud)], [cutoff in Hz 10-100]
      static BOOL SetXBassParameters(UINT nDepth, UINT nRange);
      // [Surround level 0(quiet)-100(heavy)] [delay in ms, usually 5-40ms]
      static BOOL SetSurroundParameters(UINT nDepth, UINT nDelay);
      BOOL ReadNote();
      BOOL ProcessRow();
      BOOL ProcessEffects();
      UINT GetNNAChannel(UINT nChn);
      void CheckNNA(UINT nChn, UINT instr, int note, BOOL bForceCut);
      void NoteChange(UINT nChn, int note, BOOL bPorta=FALSE, BOOL bResetEnv=TRUE, BOOL bManual=FALSE);
      void InstrumentChange(MODCHANNEL *pChn, UINT instr, BOOL bPorta=FALSE,BOOL bUpdVol=TRUE,BOOL bResetEnv=TRUE);
      // Channel Effects
      void PortamentoUp(MODCHANNEL *pChn, UINT param);
      void PortamentoDown(MODCHANNEL *pChn, UINT param);
      void FinePortamentoUp(MODCHANNEL *pChn, UINT param);
      void FinePortamentoDown(MODCHANNEL *pChn, UINT param);
      void ExtraFinePortamentoUp(MODCHANNEL *pChn, UINT param);
      void ExtraFinePortamentoDown(MODCHANNEL *pChn, UINT param);
      void TonePortamento(MODCHANNEL *pChn, UINT param);
      void Vibrato(MODCHANNEL *pChn, UINT param);
      void FineVibrato(MODCHANNEL *pChn, UINT param);
      void VolumeSlide(MODCHANNEL *pChn, UINT param);
      void PanningSlide(MODCHANNEL *pChn, UINT param);
      void ChannelVolSlide(MODCHANNEL *pChn, UINT param);
      void FineVolumeUp(MODCHANNEL *pChn, UINT param);
      void FineVolumeDown(MODCHANNEL *pChn, UINT param);
      void Tremolo(MODCHANNEL *pChn, UINT param);
      void Panbrello(MODCHANNEL *pChn, UINT param);
      void RetrigNote(UINT nChn, UINT param);
      void NoteCut(UINT nChn, UINT nTick);
      void KeyOff(UINT nChn);
      int PatternLoop(MODCHANNEL *, UINT param);
      void ExtendedMODCommands(UINT nChn, UINT param);
      void ExtendedS3MCommands(UINT nChn, UINT param);
      void ExtendedChannelEffect(MODCHANNEL *, UINT param);
      void MidiSend(unsigned char *data, unsigned int len, UINT nChn=0, int fake = 0);
      void ProcessMidiMacro(UINT nChn, LPCSTR pszMidiMacro, UINT param=0,
                  UINT note=0, UINT velocity=0, UINT use_instr=0);
      void SetupChannelFilter(MODCHANNEL *pChn, BOOL bReset, int flt_modifier=256,int freq=0) const;
      // Low-Level effect processing
      void DoFreqSlide(MODCHANNEL *pChn, LONG nFreqSlide);
      // Global Effects
      void SetTempo(UINT param);
      void SetSpeed(UINT param);
      void GlobalVolSlide(UINT param);
      DWORD IsSongFinished(UINT nOrder, UINT nRow) const;
      BOOL IsValidBackwardJump(UINT nStartOrder, UINT nStartRow, UINT nJumpOrder, UINT nJumpRow) const;
      // Read/Write sample functions
      signed char GetDeltaValue(signed char prev, UINT n) const { return (signed char)(prev + CompressionTable[n & 0x0F]); }
      UINT PackSample(int &sample, int next);
      BOOL CanPackSample(LPSTR pSample, UINT nLen, UINT nPacking, BYTE *result=NULL);
      UINT ReadSample(MODINSTRUMENT *pIns, UINT nFlags, LPCSTR pMemFile, DWORD dwMemLength);
      BOOL DestroySample(UINT nSample);
      BOOL DestroyInstrument(UINT nInstr);
      BOOL IsSampleUsed(UINT nSample);
      BOOL IsInstrumentUsed(UINT nInstr);
      BOOL RemoveInstrumentSamples(UINT nInstr);
      UINT DetectUnusedSamples(BOOL *);
      BOOL RemoveSelectedSamples(BOOL *);
      void AdjustSampleLoop(MODINSTRUMENT *pIns);
      // I/O from another sound file
      BOOL ReadInstrumentFromSong(UINT nInstr, CSoundFile *, UINT nSrcInstrument);
      BOOL ReadSampleFromSong(UINT nSample, CSoundFile *, UINT nSrcSample);
      // Period/Note functions
      UINT GetNoteFromPeriod(UINT period) const;
      UINT GetPeriodFromNote(UINT note, int nFineTune, UINT nC4Speed) const;
      UINT GetLinearPeriodFromNote(UINT note, int nFineTune, UINT nC4Speed) const;
      UINT GetFreqFromPeriod(UINT period, UINT nC4Speed, int nPeriodFrac=0) const;
      // Misc functions
      MODINSTRUMENT *GetSample(UINT n) { return Ins+n; }
      void ResetMidiCfg();
      UINT MapMidiInstrument(DWORD dwProgram, UINT nChannel, UINT nNote);
      BOOL ITInstrToMPT(const void *p, INSTRUMENTHEADER *penv, UINT trkvers);
      UINT SaveMixPlugins(FILE *f=NULL, BOOL bUpdate=TRUE);
      UINT LoadMixPlugins(const void *pData, UINT nLen);
      void ResetTimestamps(); // for note playback dots

      // Static helper functions
      static DWORD TransposeToFrequency(int transp, int ftune=0);
      static int FrequencyToTranspose(DWORD freq);
      static void FrequencyToTranspose(MODINSTRUMENT *psmp);

      // System-Dependant functions
      static MODCOMMAND *AllocatePattern(UINT rows, UINT nchns);
      static signed char* AllocateSample(UINT nbytes);
      static void FreePattern(LPVOID pat);
      static void FreeSample(LPVOID p);
      static UINT Normalize24BitBuffer(LPBYTE pbuffer, UINT cbsizebytes, DWORD lmax24, DWORD dwByteInc);

// inline DWORD BigEndian(DWORD x) { return ((x & 0xFF) << 24) | ((x & 0xFF00) << 8) | ((x & 0xFF0000) >> 8) | ((x & 0xFF000000) >> 24); }
// inline WORD BigEndianW(WORD x) { return (WORD)(((x >> 8) & 0xFF) | ((x << 8) & 0xFF00)); }

// WAVE format information

#pragma pack(1)

// Standard IFF chunks IDs
#define IFFID_FORM            0x4d524f46
#define IFFID_RIFF            0x46464952
#define IFFID_WAVE            0x45564157
#define IFFID_LIST            0x5453494C
#define IFFID_INFO            0x4F464E49

// IFF Info fields
#define IFFID_ICOP            0x504F4349
#define IFFID_IART            0x54524149
#define IFFID_IPRD            0x44525049
#define IFFID_INAM            0x4D414E49
#define IFFID_ICMT            0x544D4349
#define IFFID_IENG            0x474E4549
#define IFFID_ISFT            0x54465349
#define IFFID_ISBJ            0x4A425349
#define IFFID_IGNR            0x524E4749
#define IFFID_ICRD            0x44524349

// Wave IFF chunks IDs
#define IFFID_wave            0x65766177
#define IFFID_fmt       0x20746D66
#define IFFID_wsmp            0x706D7377
#define IFFID_pcm       0x206d6370
#define IFFID_data            0x61746164
#define IFFID_smpl            0x6C706D73
#define IFFID_xtra            0x61727478

typedef struct WAVEFILEHEADER
      DWORD id_RIFF;          // "RIFF"
      DWORD filesize;         // file length-8
      DWORD id_WAVE;

      DWORD id_fmt;           // "fmt "
      DWORD hdrlen;           // 16
      WORD format;            // 1
      WORD channels;          // 1:mono, 2:stereo
      DWORD freqHz;           // sampling freq
      DWORD bytessec;         // bytes/sec=freqHz*samplesize
      WORD samplesize;  // sizeof(sample)
      WORD bitspersample;     // bits per sample (8/16)

typedef struct WAVEDATAHEADER
      DWORD id_data;          // "data"
      DWORD length;           // length of data

typedef struct WAVESMPLHEADER
      // SMPL
      DWORD smpl_id;          // "smpl"   -> 0x6C706D73
      DWORD smpl_len;         // length of smpl: 3Ch  (54h with sustain loop)
      DWORD dwManufacturer;
      DWORD dwProduct;
      DWORD dwSamplePeriod;   // 1000000000/freqHz
      DWORD dwBaseNote; // 3Ch = C-4 -> 60 + RelativeTone
      DWORD dwPitchFraction;
      DWORD dwSMPTEFormat;
      DWORD dwSMPTEOffset;
      DWORD dwSampleLoops;    // number of loops
      DWORD cbSamplerData;

      DWORD dwIdentifier;
      DWORD dwLoopType;       // 0=normal, 1=bidi
      DWORD dwLoopStart;
      DWORD dwLoopEnd;        // Byte offset ?
      DWORD dwFraction;
      DWORD dwPlayCount;            // Loop Count, 0=infinite

typedef struct WAVESAMPLERINFO
      SAMPLELOOPSTRUCT wsiLoops[2];

typedef struct WAVELISTHEADER
      DWORD list_id;    // "LIST" -> 0x5453494C
      DWORD list_len;
      DWORD info;       // "INFO"

typedef struct WAVEEXTRAHEADER
      DWORD xtra_id;    // "xtra"   -> 0x61727478
      DWORD xtra_len;
      DWORD dwFlags;
      WORD  wPan;
      WORD  wVolume;
      WORD  wGlobalVol;
      WORD  wReserved;
      BYTE nVibType;
      BYTE nVibSweep;
      BYTE nVibDepth;
      BYTE nVibRate;

#pragma pack()

// Low-level Mixing functions

#define MIXBUFFERSIZE         512
#define MIXING_CLIPMIN        (-0x04000000)
#define MIXING_CLIPMAX        (0x03FFFFFF)
#define FADESONGDELAY         100
#define AGC_PRECISION         9
#define AGC_UNITY             (1 << AGC_PRECISION)

// Calling conventions
#ifdef MSC_VER
#define MPPASMCALL      __cdecl
#define MPPFASTCALL     __fastcall

#define MOD2XMFineTune(k)     ((int)( (signed char)((k)<<4) ))
#define XM2MODFineTune(k)     ((int)( (k>>4)&0x0f ))

// Return (a*b)/c - no divide error
static inline int _muldiv(int a, int b, int c)
      return ((unsigned long long) a * (unsigned long long) b ) / c;

// Return (a*b+c/2)/c - no divide error
static inline int _muldivr(int a, int b, int c)
      return ((unsigned long long) a * (unsigned long long) b + (c >> 1)) / c;

#include "headers.h"


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